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Welcome to Rainbow Club

Providing specialist services to enable members to participate in community activities, particularly when at risk of social isolation.

Our Goal

To provide social platforms that connect youth with disabilities and disabled adults and their families in inclusive safe and supportive environments. This enables us to provide individualised wraparound supports to decrease the prevalence of mental illness and social isolation in the Disabilities community and enhance their employment and education opportunities. It also creates a place for the broader community to embrace, learn from and empower the Disabilities community.

Our Mission

To create ways for the Disabilities community to connect, empower and support each other and exchange isolation, prejudice and ignorance with connections, hope and community. We support Celebrations. We provide Connections. We create Communities.

Our Vision

A future where people with disabilities fully participate in public life facilitated by community awareness and understanding.



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Rainbow Club provides

Skills Development


We provide weekly activities involving social participation in the local area.

Our programs are specially designed to assist members with a disability using structure, reward and progress in a social, fun and supportive environment.

Rainbow Club activities provide essential help with sensory or behavioural needs or behavioural issues which prevent placement in neuro-typical (“normal”) environments.

Confidence will increase as the individual attention given enables the member to progress quicker with their goal achievement.

All Ages * All Abilities

Rainbow Club’s approach is designed to increase:

A Little About Us

Commencing in November 2010 with just 4 members and 1 teacher; we now have more than 1,500 members on our register and provide water based and other skill development sessions, support worker services and social activities across multiple locations operating seven days a week with calls to establish additional activities and services throughout Australia and beyond.

Our peer support social events are for all ages and all abilities.  They allow for individuals to build transferrable skill sets such as communication skills, social skills, ability to maintain more meaningful relationships and skills to access the community. There are lots of ‘hidden rules’ when going out socially in public and Rainbow Club aims to empower our members with the skills and knowledge by creating real events in a safe and supported environment to learn. Our holistic wraparound approach enables carers to also build their networks, learn different approaches and learning to navigate the maze. 

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Rainbow Club provides

Support Workers


Hi, I am Steve Morgan the President of Rainbow Club and this is my son Corey who lives with Level 3 non-verbal autism and has 24x7x365 Support Workers provided by Rainbow Club.

As you can see, we are ‘walking this walk’ just as you are.

Our policy is to employ Support Workers for whom I personally would trust with my son Corey.

This hopefully will speak to your own peace of mind as to the quality of care your Rainbow Club Support Workers will provide.

Other advantages of using Rainbow Club instead of ‘going it alone’ or with a ‘for-profit’ agency include:

  1.   You join a community of ‘fellow travelers’ along this lived experienced life journey and you have a say in how things are run. You need no longer be alone or isolated nor are you having to battle with a ‘for profit’ agency of people who ‘just don’t get it’.
  2. Rainbow Club undertakes the hassle of finding, interviewing, assessing and ensuring compliance with legal standards of good support workers and short-lists them for your approval at no additional cost to you. Thus eliminating the time-wasters.
  3.  Rainbow Club aims to have a team of Support Workers as back-up available to you in case your preferred Support Worker becomes unavailable. All pre-approved by you at no additional cost to you.
  4. You will have someone to discuss your requirements, concerns, challenges and issues with, at no additional cost to you.
  5. Rainbow Club Support Workers are insured, have NDIS Worker Screening Checks, have Working with Children Checks, Medication Assist certificates, current 1st Aid and CPR certifications, Manual Handling and other certifications and Rainbow Club ensures they remain compliant and up-to-date.
  6. You have access to our many unique Rainbow Club social, service and support offerings run regularly throughout the year, including:
  •      One-on-One Water Safety and Water Based Skills Development lessons with specialist qualified teachers
  • Trampoline and inflatable park Rainbow Club exclusive events. 
  •  High Teas for the ladies. 
  • Free AFL & Rugby League Members Tickets & other major sports events.
  •  Circus tickets/ Magic Shows etc
  • Dances and Dance lessons.
  •  Arts & Craft activities and much more. 

Rainbow Club is truly unique in its offerings.

Join us now by phoning me or one of our great staff on 0414 384 586 or emailing me personally at steve@rainbowclub.au. 

Why Rainbow Club Support Workers?

You.. The club member has a say in how the club runs.

Not For Profit. Surpluses are used to support the members of the club.

12 years getting the customer experience (mostly) right.

Assistance to get assistance. We will offer our collective lived experience to try to assist you to get the funding you need.

We are open to new ideas and opportunities to benefit the members.

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Age: 2-3 years

Summer Science Class

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Classes Photo 02
Age: 3-4 years

Basic Sports Classes

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Classes Photo 03
Age: 1-2 years

Tumbling Classes

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Classes Photo 04
Age: 3-5 years

Music Lessons & Classes

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Classes Photo 05
Age: 2-3 years

Storytelling Groups

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Classes Photo 06
Age: 1-4 years

Art Lessons & Classes

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Satisfied Parents

Parents Testimonials

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding our daughter's ongoing swimming lessons. Olivia has been doing so wonderfully & progressing so well with each lesson. It's been amazing to see how much she has learnt since day one.


Just wanted to say Thank you again for organising such an Amazing Graze high tea:-)

Olivia & I had such a wonderful fun day out. I’m super proud of not just Olivia but all our kids today who did extremely well under all the circumstances that they battle each day. Many wins and milestones today:-)

Kim & Olivia:-) Nov 2022

Thanks for a great year at Rainbow club. They boys love it and its so nice to be part of somewhere you aren't judged and people understand and get what life is like for the parents/carers of children with additional needs. 

Rachel Dec 2022

I had the pleasure of attending ‘The Ashes’ Australia V England today at The Gabba.

As the daughter of a Queensland Transport Cricket representative in the 1950’s I have been brought up with the recipe of Cricket and the pure pleasure of the game.

My hopes of going to an ‘Ashes’ game seemed a distant dream. Today you gave me that dream through the ticket distributed to my nephew (a member of Rainbow Club)....

The 400th wicket for Nathan Lyons, the first bowled wicket for Alex Green and Alex’s runs on the board, was only topped by the joy of a cup of tea in fine bone China with cheese and biscuit and the atmosphere of ‘The Gabba’.

I wish you and the game loving scheme of social benefits many a continued year of enjoyment and the knowing that people like you do make a difference...

I thank you once again.


Thank you so much for providing such a brilliant service. My husband tells me Lachie loved his lesson and experienced some success. From the moment he got in the pool his anxiety dropped.... we are so grateful.

The other thing lachie said is ‘I am feeling happy because I had swimming at Ringwood


Video Testimonials


Social Activities

Members have the opportunity to take part in our Social Participation Programmes which include:

* Community dinners in restaurants *

* High Teas *

* Golf Days *

* 10 Pin Bowling *

* Dance *

* AFL, Rugby and International Cricket games in Gold Membership seating *

* water-based skill development *

* Indoor Play Centres, Trampoline & Inflatable Park members only events *

* Circus, Magic and numerous other activities *

** with their peers **

See our Activities and Event pages for more information

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