Dance Skills


What We Do For Dance Skills?

Rainbow Club Dance lessons for individuals with disabilities can be a wonderful and inclusive way to explore self-expression, creativity, and physical movement.

We offer an inclusive environment with trained instructors teaching and adapting dance movements accordingly.

Our Individualized Approach recognises that each person’s abilities and needs may differ, so a flexible and person-centered approach is essential. Lessons are tailored to accommodate each person with adapted movements, pace, and intensity.

We use Adapted Choreography and modify dance routines to accommodate different abilities and limitations and we focus on movements that highlight each individual’s strengths and abilities, while providing opportunities for growth and challenge in a great and fun environment.

Sensory Considerations:

We are mindful of sensory sensitivities and provide a sensory-friendly environment if needed and we provide Positive Reinforcement and Support and encourage and celebrate individual progress and achievements.

Come and join us with a free trial session - Term 2 Begins on the 20th of April 2024.

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Dance Skills

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