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Families and friends of Rainbow Club are invited to join our virtual ‘chat’ program with our qualified counsellor Elisa (Elisa’s story below). 

Please sign up if you are interested and you will be notified of Elisa’s availability.


only thoughts, suggestions and our own lived experiences to share.. We WILL offer to refer individuals to professional services as and if required.

What's on Offer

The Chat will offer the opportunity of being in a supportive and friendly environment where you can feel free to express your thoughts, fears, anxiety, hopes, concerns, problem solving ideas and questions or to simply chat with others (Elisa included) living similar experience lives, sharing similar feelings and the difficulties called on to cope with every day.

The aim is getting together parents/carers that are willing to participate in a friendly, caring and supportive group of people living with similar challenges and in so doing, creating an environment where we all support each other.

With the Chat, we do not need a leader but someone to start the conversation and bring up a few inputs for others to consider, sharing thoughts and ideas in a positive way aiming towards building up positive relationships that can be cultivated out of the sessions. 

Want to come along? Sign up now.

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* Elisa’s story…

As a mum of a child born with a genetic condition that is compromising her health and social life, I feel it would be great to have the opportunity of having others living similar experiences to talk to and share worries, achievements and hopes.

Before I had my daughter, I was a Primary School Teacher and working in Childcare. After moving to Australia,  in my 27 years of working with children, I came across so many children affected by Autism and other genetic conditions. My main concern was how to approach a parent and be able to use the right words and not hurt their feelings?

After my daughter was born, I now had to face people telling me that it would have been better to stop the pregnancy…. these people thought they were saying something good to me, a good decision to help me in having a better life…. These words hurt me more than anything as I love both my children and the way they are… There is no difference for me between the two of them. They are beautiful and perfect just the way they are….

After a time that I decided to study Counselling and now hold a Diploma of Counselling.  

Thanks to this course I have learned about better communication techniques, understanding people’s feelings and maintaining respect, admiration, care and confidentiality for each individual and the burden each one of us carries.

I hope that the Chat Group will be able to drive the interest of as many parents as possible and that each person will benefit from it.     

The first sessions will likely be “lets get to know each other better” ones..

There is a lot that we can do…. 

Take care and kindest regards


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